The Centsables

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Exciting Reasons To Join

Teaching kids about fiscal responsibility at a young age is important. And what better way to have the young'uns remember what they learned than using animated superheroes to teach the lessons? That's where the Centsables come into play. The Centsables are a group of friendly bankers by day and superheroes by night, dispatching villains and rescuing people from financial traps.

The group is made up of investment counselor Hamilton, bank tellers Franklin and Penny, bank greeter Suzy B and security guards Grant and Jackson (notice a theme with their names?). When transformed into their alter egos, they acquire superpowers that include superspeed, the ability to control water, becoming a giant, and being able to command the wind.  The series is based on comic books that first featured the characters.

They'll get access to cool games, newsletters, and an interactive website — all designed to teach them money smarts. Sign up today! — A $5.00 minimum balance is required.

Account Benefits:

  • No monthly service charge
  • Minimum $5.00 opening deposit matched by Infinity FCU
  • The Centsables new member vault containing coloring pages, stickers, poster, crossword puzzle, Sudoku, and financial literacy literature
  • Receive the Centsables quarterly newsletters
  • Access to The Centsables fun interactive website
  • Access to The Centsables free mobile app
  • Converts to Teen Club at age 13

What you get when you enroll:

  • Folder containing pages upon pages of fun puzzles and coloring activities
  • Poster of The Centsables
  • Stickers
  • Quarterly Centsables Newsletters
  • Access to fun website

Ready to get started?

Visit any one of our four locations to open your new Centsables account and learn about the power of savings!

  • For identification purposes, the child's social security number is required.
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