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Why [email protected]?

Payments are moving faster in today's world thanks to Same Day ACH, real-time payments, and other forms of faster payments. This means that when you spend money, it may move more quickly from your account. When you [email protected], you will stay up-to-speed on your balance, so you're clear on what you have to spend.

What's changed?

Today, all payments are moving faster, from same-day to real-time. Practically, that means money is going to move into and out of your account with increasing speed. For example, payments for your purchases you make at a store may be pulled from your account on the very same day, shortening the time frame for "pending" transactions. And when it comes to real-time payments, money could transfer out of your account faster still. So get into the habit now of [email protected]at a minimum, to stay up-to-speed on your account balances so you're clear on where you stand.

What do I need to do?

Start [email protected] today, at a minimum, to stay up-to-speed on your account balance. Use Infinity Federal Credit Union's tools - like account alerts - to stay on top of your available funds. Check with Infinity FCU to learn more about the services offered to stay on top of your account.