Relationship Discount

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.25% APR Relationship Discount

Our rates are LOW...but your participation can make them go even LOWER!  

Infinity Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer our members the benefit of a relationship discount.  Members who participate in three or more of the listed services receive a .25% interest rate discount on secured loans.

  • Net-Pay Direct Deposit into a Share Draft (checking) account*
  • Active Infinity Mastercard
  • Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Share Certificate
  • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan
  • Electronic Services (online banking and/or E-Statements)

Net-payroll direct deposit into share draft account required.  CLICK HERE to begin.  

Member agrees to establish net direct deposit of their payroll through their employer for the purpose of receiving a discounted rate on the above referenced loan with Infinity FCU.  In return, the Credit Union will discount the APR disclosed in the Truth-In-Lending Disclosures Section of your note by one quarter (.25%) percent as long as the net direct deposit is established within 30 days of closing and as long as payments are made to the Credit Union as agreed, and you are not otherwise in default pursuant to the terms and conditions in said Note.

If for any reason payments are not made pursuant to the terms and conditions in the note, or if you cancel the net direct deposit of your payroll, then the rate disclosed in the Note will be applied and the discounted APR will no longer be provided.  No notice will be required or provided prior to the revocation of the one quarter (.25%) percent discount hereunder.  Further, after your default hereunder, the Credit Union will have no obligation to reinstate the discount should you later cure the default, although it reserves the right to do so within its sole discretion.

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