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Why are you replacing my existing Mastercard® Credit Card?

Infinity Federal Credit Union (FCU) is partnering with VISA® to offer you better service. Using the same provider for our debit and credit card program will allow us to better serve your needs and continue to offer you great card benefits. This change requires that a new credit card be issued.

Will my credit card number change?

Yes, your 16-digit credit card number, expiration date, and CVV will all change.

What do I have to do?

  • Keep using your MasterCard® Credit Card until your new card arrives
  • Watch for your new VISA® Credit Card to arrive in the mail mid-May
  • Activate your new card according to the activation instructions
  • Begin using it wherever VISA® is accepted
  • Destroy and discard your old MasterCard® Credit Card
  • Update your recurring or preauthorized payments (i.e., monthly phone, electricity, gas bills, insurance, gym membership, etc.)

Will the due date for my credit card payment change?

No, your due date will stay the same. 

Will my credit score be affected by this change?

No, this change will not result in any changes to your credit score.

Will my interest rate change as part of this conversion and card issue?

No, your interest rate and other terms on your account will stay the same.

What will happen to the balance on my Mastercard®?

Any unpaid balance on your MasterCard® Credit Card will automatically transfer to your new VISA® Credit Card when you activate it. 

Will I have a new PIN number so I can access cash from my credit card?

Yes, your old PIN will not work with the new VISA®. You may select your unique PIN by calling the number on the activation label and choosing the PIN option. 

My existing MasterCard® does not expire for quite a while; can I continue using it until it expires?

No, you will need to activate your new VISA® Credit Card as soon as it arrives to avoid service interruption. Your MasterCard® will not work after June 19, 2019.

I have an Infinity FCU VISA® Debit Card. Is that also changing?

No, this change will ONLY impact Infinity FCU MasterCard® Credit Cards. Your Debit Card will stay the same.

Do I need to deactivate my old MasterCard®?  

No, once you active your new VISA® Credit Card, your old MasterCard® will automatically stop working. Be sure to activate your new VISA® Credit Card as soon as it arrives, then destroy and discard your old MasterCard® Credit Card.

What do I need to do if I have preauthorized or recurring payments that are tied to my existing Infinity FCU MasterCard® Credit Card?

To ensure there are no interruption in recurring or preauthorized payments (i.e., monthly phone, electricity, gas bills, insurance, gym membership, etc.), contact the merchant and update your card information as soon as you activate your new VISA® Credit Card. 

I have an automatic credit card payment set up through a Bill Payment Service from my checking account or an ACH Transfer. What do I need to do to make sure my payments continue to be made?

To ensure your automatic payment continues to be made without disruption, be sure to update your source account with your new VISA® account information. Bill Payment Services from any institution and automatic transfers from your Infinity FCU account through online banking will need to be updated to your new loan number (typically 205 or 206). 

My spouse and I both have Infinity FCU Credit Cards, and I only received one card. Will my spouse receive a separate card?

Yes. As a security feature, all cards being issued will have a unique number and will arrive separately. You will continue to receive only one bill, regardless of the number of cards on the account.

Why doesn’t my new Visa card number match the account number I see on the Online Access portal?

The number that appears on the Online Access portal is the Visa ACCOUNT number which is the main account number; the Visa credit card number falls under your account number.  View your online statement which will confirm your recent activity on your credit card. 

Will my previous card history transfer to my new card number so I have access to the information if needed?

Yes, you will be able to see your previous card history online and on your statement.

Will my UChoose Rewards Points transfer to my new VISA® Credit Card number?

Yes, your UChoose Rewards points will be automatically transferred to your new Visa® Credit Card. You will not be able to redeem points between May 16, 2019 and May 30, 2019. Your points will automatically be migrated to your new Visa® Credit Card and you will be able to start using them on May 30, 2019.

When will I receive my new VISA® Credit Cards card(s)?

You will receive communication from us prior to your new card going out. All new VISA® Credit Cards will be sent mid-May. 

My employees and I have cards for my business, will we all get new cards?

Yes, all personal and business credit cards will be replaced. All business cards will be mailed to the business address on the account.

Where will my new VISA® card be delivered?

Your new VISA® Credit Card will be delivered to the mailing address on your Infinity FCU membership account. If you would like to update your address, please call us right away at 207-854-6000 or visit your home branch.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any additional questions, please call us at 207-854-6000 or visit your home branch.