15/15 ARM

15/15 Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Get More House with Less Down
Infinity's 15/15 Adjustable Rate Mortgage with 97% Loan to Value ratio allows you to maximize your buying power and enjoy the stability of a LOW FIXED RATE FOR 15 YEARS with the advantage of a 30 YEAR REPAYMENT PERIOD!

15/15 ARM 

3.990% (4.208% APR*)

Jumbo 15/15 ARM (Loans over $424,100)

4.50%  (4.553% APR*)

Infinity offers:

  • 97% Loan to Value Ratio with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • 95% Loan to Value Ratio without PMI
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • No Pre-payment Penalty!
  • Rate locked in for the first 15 years!
  • One-time Rate adjustment after the 15th year
  • Amortization 30 Years
  • FREE Pre-Qualification
  • Flexible Closing Times / Days available! (Including After hours & most Weekends)


Call (207) 854-6000 EXT: 4110 If you'd like to speak with an Infinity Mortgage Expert.

*Annual Percentage Rate as of 5/01/2017, and subject to change without notice. APR varies based on credit qualifications and loan amount. Loans available for up to 97% of property's value. Adjustable rate subject to change once after the 15th year of loan term and will be based on the 10 yr. Treasury Constant Maturity Rate plus 1% rounded to nearest eighth. Infinity FCU Membership required; please contact us for details.