Effective May 25th, 2018

Share Draft Account
Step Up Checking $0.00 No monthly fee, no per item charges, no minimum balance requirement
Bridge Checking $0.00 No monthly fee, no per item charges, no minimum balance requirement
Prime Advantage Checking $5.00 Share Draft Monthly Fee
Check Orders at printer's cost; free standard checks for Prime Advantage members
Returned Item Fee $32.00 Fee for items paid or returned, including Courtesy Pay
Statement Replacement $5.00
Account History $3.00
Balance Information Request $0.00
Stop Payment $25.00
Deposit Item Return Fee $10.00
Overdraft Fee $32.00 Fee for insufficient funds on overdrafts (up to a $1200 Max) created by checks, or by other electronic means, as applicable. 
Share Account
Closeout of New Account $25.00 within 60 days of opening
Dormant/Inactivity Fee $3.00 Per month

Accounts with no activity for 2 years

Loan Payment Late Fee $15.00 For all consumer & home equity loans after 15 day grace period
Skip-a-Payment Fee $25.00
Wire Transfers
Domestic-Outgoing Wire $25.00
Domestic-Incoming Wire $10.00
Official Check $5.00 Per item

First Official Check withdrawn from Share is free

Key Replacement $45.00 For safe deposit boxes
Box Drilling at vendor cost; for safe deposit boxes
Photocopies $0.00
Stop Payment (ACH) $25.00 Per item
Research/Reconcilement Fee $25.00 Per hour
Stop Payment-Official Check $5.00 Per item

If lost or stolen; date must be at least 90 days following the date of the check.

Notary Fee $5.00 For non-members; free for Infinity members
Check Cashing Fee No charge
Copies of Official Checks $5.00 Per item
Copies of Share Drafts $2.00 Per item
Fax Copy of Share Draft $3.00 Per item
Fax Copy of Share Draft $20.00
Telephone Banking No charge
Trust Account Set-Up $25.00
Tax Levy/Garnishment $50.00
ATM Fees
ATM Usage Charge No charge
Transactions@non-IFCU ATMs $1.00 Per transaction

excludes SUM & SURF Network ATMs

Card Overdraft Restriction $25.00 Per occurrence
Card Release Fee $10.00 Per occurrence
ATM Card Initial Issue No charge
Card Replacement Fee $7.50 Per card
Point of Sale Transactions No charge if using card for debit/Point of Sale transactions
VISA Intl Transaction Fee 1%
Online Home Banking
Online Account Transactions No charge
Optional Bill Payer Service No charge
Canadian Items
Deposit of Canadian Check $1.00 Per item

Note: Infinity Federal Credit Union has no control over other financial institutions who assess fees for use of their ATMs.