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We are experiencing high call volumes due to the Online Banking Transition. Our team is diligently working to help everyone log in to the new system and answering their questions. Thank you for your patience.

What do I need to do?

  • Log in for the first time using your member number and current Online Banking password on a desktop or laptop device.
  • ALL of your transaction history, existing Payees, recurring payments, recurring transfers, and e-Statements will be migrated to the new Online Banking platform. February, March, and April e-Statements will be available by May 4th; historical e-Statements will be migrated shortly thereafter.
  • You will need to update the Mobile Banking app on your smartphone or tablet.

How do I get help?

  • Our Member Engagement Contact Unit will be available to assist you with your First Time Log-In and answer any questions at 207-854-6000.
  • Each branch will have an Ambassador on-site doing live demonstrations and offering hands-on assistance to answer your questions during the transition.
  • Instructions for Quicken/QuickBooks users are available below

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I see family member accounts (parents, kids, relatives) that I transfer money to, but I want to hide them when I log in to Online Banking. Can I do this?
Our new Online Banking platform is designed be individual centric. This means you will be able to see account on which you are “legal owner” when you log in to Online Banking. If you are an owner on an account with your spouse, you will see their account when you sign in. If your mom is an owner on your account, she will see your account when she signs in. This design, which is new to our members, offers greater visibility and allow you to see every account you legally “own”.

You cannot hide these accounts, because you are a legal owner on them. If you find this inconvenient or distracting, you have a few of options:

  • You may request to be removed from an account by emailing a completed Joint Account Release Form to You do not need to be a legal owner on an account in order to send money to the friend/family member.  
  • You may rename the accounts visible to you in Online Banking. If you need to remain as a legal owner on a family member’s account, but you worry about confusing it with your own, you may give it a unique name (i.e. Bob’s Account – DO NOT USE). In Online Banking, go to Accounts > Accounts Summary > Account Details (on the left), Click “Change” under “Account Nickname”

Do I need to be a legal owner on an account if I want to transfer money to my friends/family?

No, you can easily transfer money to any member at any time through Online Banking by going to Transfers > Manage Transfers and entering the recipient’s Account Number. After you complete the first transfer, the recipient’s information will be added to your list of “To Accounts” in the Transfer Money tab. Click here to view the Online Banking Training video for more information.

Where in Online Banking do I access the MasterCard portal?
The link to access the MasterCard portal has moved, but it is still easy to access. In Online Banking, go to Accounts >Accounts Summary, and Click on the name of your MasterCard account.

Learn how to use the new system for your everyday banking needs through live step-by-step videos.