Small Business Spotlight

At Infinity Federal Credit Union (FCU), we believe that every small business has a unique story to tell. This is why we’re launching our “Small Business Spotlight” series; to amplify the voice of our Small Business Members and connect them with their surrounding communities. Each month Infinity FCU will spotlight one of our small business members across our four branches, on our website, and on our social channels.

This Month's Spotlight




Handcrafted Goods.  
Designed for your Soul.

“As a child in Ghana, I could never have predicted the path of my future. Today, I know that the only way to understand who we are is to connect the dots backward to the events that made us. Every item I design carries pieces of my cultural history, skills and techniques of my education, and the passion I carry for promoting social justice. They are meant to remind us to remain open to every experience life brings us - they each have significance in who we become. I am inspired by the power of traditional Ghanaian symbols to convey a visual language through the pieces I design and create.”

Visit us online to explore the collections and learn more about the symbols and our mission. | | Facebook | InstagramTwitter

About the Spotlight

All Infinity FCU Business members are eligible to participate in the Small Business Spotlight free of charge. Members must be in good standing and current on all of their Infinity FCU accounts. Businesses will be selected on a first come, first serve basis. Infinity FCU reserves the right to stop the spotlight at any time through the month for any reason.

If selected, the Business must provide all requested promotional materials (i.e. company logo, photos, description of services, any handouts) to Infinity FCU by the 15th of the previous month.

To nominate your small business, please contact Tim Drapeau.