Business Direct Deposit


Business Direct Deposit

Employee Relationship Discount

Businesses that enroll 5 or more employees with direct deposit of net pay will be eligible for rate reductions on a Working Capital Line of Credit. Earn up to a 1.00%APR* discount down to the current prime rate.**

Each payday your employees paychecks are sent by you or your payroll company electronically in to accounts they established with Infinity FCU.

Benefits for YOUR EMPLOYEES: 

  1. Immediate access to their funds
  2. Sign-On Bonus of 2,500 UChoose Reward Points ($25.00 value)
  3. Direct Deposit lets your employees begin earning dividends immediately
  4. Safe, quick, and convenient

Benefits for YOUR BUSINESS:

  1. Improved internal control by not handling negotiable checks
  2. Increased efficiency by not having to perform the check-signing process
  3. Simplified business account reconciliations because there are no outstanding payroll checks
  4. Loan Discount**

Employee Enrollment: 

  1. Employees become members of Infinity FCU by opening a Share Account with a $5 deposit at any of our four convenient branches. Onsite enrollment options available with our Bank at Work Program. 
  2. Employees open a checking account
  3. Employees set up Direct Deposit using ClickSWITCH. . It's fully automated, convenient and takes less than 10 minutes. Easily move recurring payments and direct deposits to the new account - all with the click of a mouse. With ClickSWITCH, account information is transferred instantly.

Let Infinity Federal Credit Union (FCU) put an end to the payday runaround with Direct Deposit. For more information, email a Business Service Representative or call 207-854-6000 ext. 4140