Business Pro Checking


Coming Soon - For larger businesses with high transaction volumes and high aggregate balances

This account is designed for business owners who would like to earn dividends on their monthly balances. There is a $20.00 monthly service fee. To avoid the monthly fee, the account must have a $5,000 daily checking balance or combined minimum daily balance of $10,000 in checking, share and/or money market accounts.  Earnings Credit

Dividends are earned each day your balance is $500 or more. A combination of 200 cleared or deposited items/checks are allowed.

Business Pro Checking
Minimum average daily balance to avoid fee $5,000 daily checking  balance or combined minimum daily balance of $10,000 in checking, share and /or money market accounts
Monthly fee if account is below minimum average daily balance $20.00
Number of Free items per month*  500 Items*
Fee if item limit exceeded 25 cents per item over initial 500
Dividend Earning  No
Earnings Credit **  Yes

For more information, or to speak with a Business Service Representative, call 1-800-499-8401 - ext. 4140

    *Items include checks paid, ACH transactions, deposits made and checks in each deposit.  Cash included within a deposit constitutes one item regardless of the amount.
    ** $5,000 minimum average daily balance required to receive earnings credit.  Earnings Credit – Earnings credit calculates the average daily balance of the Analysis Checking and applies a designated earnings rate monthly used to offset Account Maintenance Fee, Per Item Fees and Miscellaneous Fees. Any additional earnings above the fee(s) offset will not be carried forward or credited to the account.