Business Basic Checking


Business Basic Checking

Ideal for the new or small business owner who generates a low number of monthly transactions.  

  • No minimum deposit to open the account
  • No monthly service fees to maintain the account
  • FREE Online Banking
  • First 100 Items* monthly are FREE.  
    (Additional 25 cents per item charged over the initial 100)

Business Basic Checking
Minimum average daily balance to avoid fee  $0.00 in Checking Account
Monthly fee if account is below minimum average daily balance  $0.00
Number of Free items per month*  100 Items*
Fee if item limit exceeded  25 cents per item over initial 100
Dividend Earning  No
Earnings Credit  No

For more information, or to speak with a Business Service Representative, call 1-800-499-8401 - ext. 4140

*Items include checks paid, ACH transactions, deposits made and checks in each deposit.  Cash included within a deposit constitutes one item, regardless of the amount.