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Current Business Services Member - Paul 

RE: Nothing but praise for all that you do for your members

When I began my relationship with Infinity FCU, I wasn’t necessarily an optimistic person. With some guidance from the people in Member Services, my outlook began to change. With patience and continual contact I was able to bring change to my financial life with the persistence I needed and the guidance offered by everyone I came in contact with at the Westbrook location. I began a journey of credit repair with a seemingly small loan. With my payments always on time, I watched my credit score rise over a very short period of time. I was able to secure a credit card with Infinity FCU to boost my credit further. Before dealing with all of you, I would have never obtained another credit card again in my life. Since those days of being truly pessimistic towards having a positive rating with any financial institution, Infinity FCU has shown me just how valuable each member is to the entire team and truly makes me feel like a family member. With the help of many, Infinity FCU has brought a positive radiance to some of my life’s ambitions. I remember the positive attitude and friendly smile, and the voice of optimism that Caitlin brought. My most recent experience with Infinity FCU that has brought so much ambition, perseverance, and pride for me was with large help from Tim. With his help, I was able to obtain a small business loan to help me get a better foot in the door with the communities around Windham in growing my business. Infinity FCU has truly brought amazing results for me personally, as well as for my business. I am proud to be a member of the family at Infinity, and I proudly refer people any chance I get. A deep and humble thank you to everyone up front with members and to those behind the scenes. With the help of you all, I am able to see the lifelong achievements I had once hoped for coming back into life. Thank you for showing trust in me.

Current Business Services Member - Gregory

RE: Infinity Credit Union is my first choice for business and lending

As a small business owner with 8 employees, Infinity has been exceptional for convenience and personalized customer service. I’ve had a line of credit with two other local banks in the past, after delays and problems with my renewals thanks to out of state underwriting,  I switched all my lending to Infinity. They have been exceptional to work with local and I thought they were heads and tails above the other larger corporate banks. Thank you Infinity!

New Business Services Member - Britt

RE: Switching Accounts

As a member of a huge banking corporation for many years, I was dissatisfied with not feeling valued by my bank. I felt like they didn't value my business, and when they finally showed that one last time, my husband went to HIS bank (Infinity Credit Union) to ask them for the same thing we had asked my big bank for. Infinity bent over backwards to help us, demonstrating their valuing of my husband's business, earning our trust, and showing they saw us as people, not just another account. Over the next few months I closed my accounts at my old bank and switched all of my accounts - personal, business, and our non-profit, over to Infinity - a daunting and overwhelming task. Infinity (and specifically Constance Mercer) was there, by my side, the entire time. She was supportive, bent over backwards to make the process easy for me, responded to emails immediately, and was just AMAZING through what could have been a very difficult process. Since I moved my accounts, she has continued to be there for any questions, needs, and has made me feel valued, seen, and like I've FINALLY found the right bank for all the important financial needs I have.

Current Member - Audra

RE: Personal Loan Experience in Portland

I am a member of Infinity FCU and I just had the experience of doing a personal loan with Kathryn in your Portland branch.  She is just wonderful!  Not only was she very polite, she explained everything, and took the time to make sure it was the best deal for my needs.  I am so impressed with this young lady.  All I can say is a BIG Thank You and WAY TO GO Kathryn!  Nice Job.   

Current Member - Laura 

RE: Exemplary Customer Service in Bangor

I am an Infinity FCU Member and have to give a HUGE thank you to Christine in Bangor!  A few weeks ago, my husband accidentally WAY overpaid two of our credit cards, which would have left us short for our other bills.  Christine was the definition of exemplary customer service. She took the call late on a Friday night with the Credit Card Company.  She wrote a letter and faxed it to them to assist me in getting the funds back.  She also followed up with me to make sure both payments were refunded.  I am so appreciative for her going the extra mile, you have no idea!  She is a wonderful asset to your organization.  This is why we joined the credit union a few years ago.  THANK YOU!!  

New Member - Matthew 

RE: Thanks for Helping us when others wouldn't!

I just wanted to thank Jennifer in Bangor for all that she has done for us. She really went out of her way to get us approved for both a Visa and Collateral Loan. This will be a huge boost for our credit and we are very thankful to have this opportunity, because most banks would not have looked past our credit score.  Thanks again and we look forward to many years of business with Infinity FCU.

Current Member - Gary

RE:  Car Loan in Bangor

Thank you to Kristy in Bangor!  Kristy was very helpful from start to finish when processing my vehicle loan. She kept me updated through every step and was great about answering all of my questions.

Current Members - Deb and Carmen

RE:  Infinity's Auto Loan Process

After having our 2009 Honda Civic totaled by an inattentive driver and going through a difficult insurance process, we must say that our frustration level was at an all time high.  Even though the automobile was in perfect condition and totally paid for,  the monies we received from the insurance claim could not replace it.  In order to get a new automobile we would have to take a loan to cover the difference.  We were lucky when we called Infinity Federal Credit Union where we have been members for over 30 years and got Kathryn from the Portland Branch.  She was so kind and attentive.  Kathryn was able to procure a loan for us within a day.  She worked for us like she was part of our team to get us the best rate possible.  She stayed right with us working with the dealership and helping us keep the paperwork flowing.  When we came into the branch to pick up the loan check, we were able to meet Kathryn.  She is a breath of fresh air; kind, professional and genuinely happy to provide us excellent customer service.

Current Member - Jen 

RE: THANK YOU for our Snowmobile, Credit Card, and NEW CAR LOAN!

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me the last several months. You got me approved for a snowmobile loan for Steve (he LOVES his snowmobile), a new credit card (which will be paid off again this upcoming month), and A NEW CAR LOAN! You have been so good to me, and I really appreciate it. I LOVE my new car, and am so grateful that I can have the loan through Infinity. It's a great place to bank, and your staff is amazing! Thank you again Sandy, from the bottom of my heart! Hope you are having a wonderful day, and know how much you are appreciated!

New Member - Rachel 

 RE: Feedback from First Time Home Buyer's Workshop

Thank you so much for telling us about this seminar. It was great!  Don't get me wrong, it doesn't make the process of buying a home any less daunting, but it gave us a TON of really great information, some good solid starting points and goals a few more friendly faces that we feel more than confident coming to for help!  We will probably go through the seminar one more time as we get more into the process and as we get more questions.

I am really loving being with Infinity. I admit, I was a little reluctant at first because you guys seemed so far away, but I have never been with a bank that has gone so out of their way to make everything feel so accessible!!

Thank you again for everything!  

Current Member - Heather 

RE: A referral made to a co-worker for an Auto Loan

A co-worker of mine was having difficulty receiving financing for a badly needed car and I told her she needed to talk to you guys. She visited the Bangor branch today and was instantly pre-approved for an auto loan and is tickled pink. Another great job by you and your team!! :)

Current Member - Beverly 

RE: Re-financing our home

This Credit Union is the absolute best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. The staff is hard working and dedicated, their process is more than reasonable, and they are truly a company that keeps their clients sticking around with joy. We are so thankful to be a member of Infinity and are looking forward to many more years with them!

New Member - Gloria 

RE: Helping me back on my financial path

I am a fairly new member of Infinity FCU. What an incredible experience it has been mainly due to the concern and true desire to help shown by Liz & MJ.  I spent lots of time with both, mainly Liz, discussing some financial problems I had-not only were these problems solved; I have made some new friends. Thanks so much, girls!! Infinity, you should be proud.