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Corporate Governance Policy Statement

The Board of Directors, management and staff of Infinity support and endorse strong ethical business practices, sound corporate governance and social responsibility to all communities and members they service. 

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Infinity FCU Board of Directors

  • Kate Caron
Joanne Doherty
  • Elizabeth Hayes
John Lander
Pamela Lemieux
Thomas Little
Donald Nelson
Samuel Novick
Jeffrey Richards

Petition Format

There are occasions when members are asked to file a petition, such as for submitting nominations by petition. When a petition is required, it needs to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each page of the petition needs to have the reason for the petition printed on top of every page.
The date(s) of the petition need to be included on each page.
The signatures need to be followed by the name printed legibly, illegible names will be excluded.
All signatures must be validated against the current membership list.
The original of the petition is submitted to the Credit Union, not a copy.

View and/or download a sample petition form.


Federal credit unions must operate in accordance with their approved bylaws. Bylaws define the credit union's field of membership, requirements for membership, the scope of a credit union's activities, the services a credit union can offer, and the duties and responsibilities of its officials and operations management. 

View the Bylaws of Infinity FCU

Supervisory Committee

** Now Accepting Applications for Volunteers!**

The Supervisory Committee is an oversight committee comprised of up to five volunteers who are each elected to three-year terms by Infinity's Board of Directors.

The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Providing for financial statement audits
  • Conducting annual member account verifications
  • Verifying compliance with policies, procedures, rules and regulations
  • Monitoring the internal control environment

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